Thursday, May 9, 2013

Liv loves rain...

Yesterday there was a rain storm and as I mother I felt it was my duty to expose Liv to the join of rain. I love the smell when it is raining.  So without hesitation we put on Liv's garage sale special rain boots and set her out to experience Mother Earth.
She shrieked and screamed and laughed for the entire 10 minutes as she jumped in the gutter puddle splashing dirty water, worms, and bacteria in every direction. She was in heaven. She just kept yelling, "More Puddle!"  As a mother I have learned about proxy joy.  If Liv is thrilled, I automatically feel thrilled even if I am not loving or experiencing the actual event.

This pics make it seem like she is miserable but this was  the end of the adventure when we told her it was time to come inside. She was devastated.  
I don't know the last time I loved something so much that I had this reaction when it was over.  Maybe I need to get a little more excited about simple things like splashing in worm puddles.
I am excited for the next rain storm, its a heck of lot cheaper than taking her to Disneyland and produces equal if not more delight, at least until it was time to come inside.

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  1. proxy that!! i must remember that. you have a way with words.