Sunday, May 5, 2013

This is the place.

 I know Brigham Young stated those prophetic words over 100 years ago but they are ever so applicable to me. Every time the plane lands in the Salt Lake airport I feel like putting my stick on the cement (if I carried a stick, more like a diaper bag) and yelling, "This is the place."  It's a little embarrassing how much I love to be home. This trip was no exception. We only had a few days and spent some in Heber in family lock down mode and I loved every second.
We did a lot of "just chillin" (in the words of my brother Jeff).
Thanks to Mary Kay, Taylor will be entering the MTC with satin lips.
Games and desserts (plural intended on both) were a delight and we learned some interesting unforgettable tidbits while playing loaded questions that I will not disclose here.
The grandparents came to join the sleepover and Liv was in heaven with the swingset in the back yard.
They say you gain at least 5 pounds on a cruise. I have found that fact to also be true when I go home.
(Cole looks very exasperated and bored here but you would probably make the same face if you were the only male in a glob of girl cousins)

There was constant cousin play although they are too young to play at all. Mostly they just squawked at each other if someone took something they wanted.
Liv was in pure paradise. She slept an extra hour longer than usual because she would be so exhausted at the end of every day from the constant playing and fun.  Disneyland would have paled in comparison to her experience.  She fed chickens, pet the pony, went on walks, pretended with Grandma, chased the cats, helped Tay feed massive fish and albino frogs, and had an avalanche of attention everywhere she went.
 We had girl craft time and B came down from SLC which is always a delightful treat. I miss being around these women. I need them to be my neighbors for the rest of my life. I feel a way deeper connection to each of them than just the same family tree branch. 
 I just wish I could have cool double vision like Eevie.  This picture is one of my faves.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Family is everything.

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