Monday, May 6, 2013

Gummy worm breakfast from Kody...

Last week I woke up to 2 text messages from my brother in law Kody. Let me just say that if you don't know Kody Seibold, you should. He is one of my favorite bonus items of marrying Gar. He has two modes: Extremely funny humor that is so clever you don't get the joke until you've had time to ponder and ridiculously intelligent and deep. His brain thinks of things that makes my brain lobes shrivel up from the attempt.  I've always loved talking to Kody. He's as real as it gets and I fully intend on living in his same culdesac for the rest of my life when we settle down.  Anyway, let's get back to the text messages. The first one asked if I was awake and wanted to make some breakfast. The second one said that he had left us some breakfast on our porch and to eat the healthy doughnuts before the gummy worms. I felt like I must be having a weird dream because Kody lives 10 hours away but I went to our porch to check and sure enough there was a pack of gas station crumb doughnuts and gummy worms.  Apparently he had driven through the night and booked a flight out of Denver to visit a friend that needed him.  He didn't want to wake us up so he drove himself to the airport. I was livid that we didn't get to see him but my rage was diminished when he came for dinner when he came back. 
 Liv is a blur because the camera lens could not keep up with her incredible speed at which she rushed to hug uncle Kody. Who wouldn't?

The visit wasn't nearly long enough but we'll take any minute we can, not to mention the free gummy worms and crumb doughnuts for breakfast on our door step. I'm so glad I inherited Kody Seibold as a grafted branch on the family tree. He's the best.

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