Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy mom day.

I am what you call holiday high maintenance. I'm not proud of it. There's also no denying it.  I like celebrations. I love gifts. I like to have a memory. I've never been one of those humble birthday people who lets you know a month later that they had a birthday. No, no. I start telling people months before so they can be prepared for a proper celebration.  Thus, I've been absolutely thrilled about the addition of this new holiday known as mothers day.  This last Sunday was my third mothers day observed. Each one has been very significant. Let's take a trip down mothers day lane:
Mothers Day 2011. Lehi Utah. Exploding with motherhood even though Liv was still getting her finishing touches in utero just a week before delivery.
Mothers Day 2012. Bluefield, West Virginia.  My favorite blue pajama "Virginia is for lovers" pajama t shirt and and berries.
Mothers day 2013. Aurora Colorado. Same Blue pajama t-shirt featured in 2012 and fresh berries but double the offspring.
As you can see, it has been an eventful 3 years.  Every year for three years Gar has made one of my favorite rare breakfasts...Able Skeviers which are like fluffy pancake balls dipped in butter and powdered sugar with berries. If you haven't had them, make reservations now to join us for Mothers Day 2014. They are worth your time.
As much as I protest flowers, and ethically think they are the biggest waste of money in the store, I would be lying if I said I didn't love getting them. Lilacs and lilies are my favorite. I love how they look but even more than that, I love how they smell.  What's the point of having flowers if they don't smell good? That's like owning a cow that doesn't give milk.  Pointless. I love lilies. Please take a moment to consider the lilies...
G knocked it out of the park with the most supreme dinner of all three years. I'm talking a dietary grand slam.  It was unbelievable with all my favorites. Steak, cherry limeade, corn on the cob, garlic bread, spinich salad and rocky road ice cream for dessert. Please try not to lick your computer screen while looking:
There was even a surprise appetizer of shrimp which is like dessert from the sea. I go crazy for shrimp. Thankfully Liv didn't get into it which meant more for me. She just stared and thought they looked weird (which they do but that doesn't take away from their goodness) and that cocktail sauce did not taste like ketchup. She loves ketchup so she felt a little deceived.
The meal was so divine that I felt sorrow when I took my last bite. I love good food. I love that G was so thoughtful and made everything that I love. I loved just coming downstairs and having dinner on the table like the ultimate magic trick had just taken place in my kitchen.
However, there is something I love even more than the shrimp (which are hard to top). I love the reason I got to celebrate. I love Olivia Mae and Grace Corinne Seibold in a way I never knew I could love.  They really are my whole world. I loved not making dinner. I loved rocky road ice cream and cherry limeade but more than that I love that I am a mother. Nothing has ever been harder or more worthwhile in my life. Nothing. 

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  1. love this post! and i totally agree with you on the flower topic. they die. such a waste. but if you are going to have some, at least they should smell good.