Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Plant the seed...or at least build a box.

I have an announcement. We are planting a garden. We are garden people. (I love when a noun becomes an entire species, for example when someone is a "cat person", what does that even mean?) Ok, technically I can't say we are garden people because the above photo is just what showed up on google images; in fact all we have is 3 boxes with dirt but hopefully they will soon be a gardenlicious wonderland of bounteous harvest that is worth the money we donated to Lowes to buy the wood.
Stephen (aka our professional garden consultant) came early Saturday morning with his big boy tools and there was a lot of manliness going on in the driveway with sawing and hammering and other manly building like activity.
 Liv decided her pet dog needed some sun so she brought him outside to enjoy the rays while G admired his handiwork and I dreamed of garage sales going on all around me.
Grace was not as pleased with the sun and felt like she was having a first vision because it was so bright she could not open her eyes, but if she could have opened her eyes, she would have beheld the glory of the garden boxes...  This is phase one, more thrilling garden news to come. Please stand by. 

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  1. We just put in some grow boxes as well. I'm excited for lots of delicious food!