Monday, May 6, 2013

The breakfast of champions...

 My friend makes her 2 year old organic pancakes for breakfast. I think that it is very impressive. I think organic pancakes are a great breakfast option. Yesterday morning Liv wanted an oreo for breakfast. I did too. We didn't have to ask mom because I am the mom. So we ate them. With milk. Don't judge.

I'm not saying we do this every morning. Some mornings we do fantastic when I start them out right. I hang out with Jillian Michaels and her shred (it's not my favorite dvd friendship), we have healthy green smoothies,  a great scripture study, bust out a little service, turn off Elmo and we even vacuum...all before noon.  But then some mornings happen and its an oreo kind of morning and I'm not in the mood to hear Jillian yelling from the TV to do 5 more crunches in her sports bra and the house looks like a garage sale and a tornado combined and I don't feel like reading about a war in Alma and the hours seem to pass until I know there's no way I'm writing in my journal that night simply because there is nothing of significance to record.   It can't be an organic pancake type of day every day.  The hardest part is just deciding to get going. I've found that inertia is true in productivity, an object in motion (me being the object) continues in motion.  Once in a while though, its an oreo breakfast kind of day, and that is just fine.

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