Friday, May 31, 2013

Number one season is here...

 Bievenidos Summer. I've been waiting for you, since, well, last summer. I love summer. I love flip flops. I love sun and being a park rat. I love green otter pops, garage sales, barbeques, the smell of fresh cut lawns and sun screen, and random sprinklers hydrating the sidewalks as you walk around the block at 8 pm and it's still light outside. I love the streets looking like an orphanage because all the kids are just playing with dirty faces and no shoes and everything just feels happier. 
 I think I may need to invest in some good picnic pants. I love picnics. I love eating outside. I need to wear pants. This could be the solution.
Liv lives outside now. I think she feels like a mole or an mushroom in the dark if I make her stay inside.  The air inside feels used and smells like a nursing home compared to the wonder and glory of being outside.
Liv has been ready for summer for a long long long time...
So far she's more of a pool observer than a participant.  When I put her in the pool for the first time she cried and said, "No pool. Pool too WET."  You know, she's got a point. 
Her friend Ashton has the opposite feelings.  This face is accurate in depicting his pool delight. 
Liv just finished her red otter pop and I think its time for a blue one.  Welcome summer. I hope you stay a long long time.

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  1. for the first time in a long time i am catching summer fever. i am a winter/fall girl through and through. but i am seeing the beauty in all things summer.