Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Uncle Jeff Time....

 Liv has always loved my brother Jeff even before she could express it.  When she was smaller and her vocabulary was limited to grunting she would say, "Fffff" when Jeff was near. So all her dreams came true when Uncle Jeff came to spend the night before going to fire camp here in Colorado.
Liv insisted on eating right next to him and being near him every second he was here.

You can see the intense love in her face. She has to close her eyes because there is so much joy surging through her veins with Jeff and her favorite dog all in the same room.

We introduced Jeff to a Chipotle burrito and Liv was more than willing to help him with his guac and chips.
Jeff was an invaluable asset in gaining tickets at Chuck E Cheese. We could do more games than we thought because we only had to put in one token for all the driving games since Liv had no idea she wasn't really playing. Jeff has always been the baby whisperer and Liv has always loved him.
 After we dropped him off at the airport Liv said with her lip curled down, "I want MY Jeff." After I broke the news that Jeff was going to be thousands of feet above our heads in a few minutes she said, "My sad." (My is the only pronoun she knows and uses it for I, me, Liv etc).  When we came home I told her she needed to pick up her crayons if she wanted fruit snacks. She can't, "My can't do it." I said, "Liv why can't you?" She said, "My too sad."  
I admit I could relate because I felt sad too when he was gone. Jeff doesn't judge. Ever. Anyone. He is so easy to talk to and genuine through and through. In a family where everyone is an attention black hole, Jeff is content to just be himself and let everyone do the same. Jeff is a good listener. Jeff has such a fun personality that makes you feel comfortable no matter what is happening in your life. I'm so glad to be his sister forever.  I love my brother Jeff.

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  1. i recognize that dog...she looks great with that red scarf!
    glad you had a good visit!