Friday, May 31, 2013

Van, Garden, Baby. (In that order)

So when we said we were going to plant a garden I thought it would cost us around $10. I mean dirt is free, water comes out of the sky/hose (also free), the sun shines when it feels like it and I can't really buy that anyway so the only thing left to buy was some seeds and all the packets were less than $2.
 (Liv and her ponies modeling the garden boxes and the fact that she is not underfed)
  I was basically ready to start sewing my own clothes because I was feeling so pleased about my summer garden vision and imagined eating nothing but juicy fresh fruit and vegetables from our bounteous daily harvest grown for just pennies. This dream is false.  This year the most expensive thing we have bought is our van. The second most expensive thing WAS Grace.  Because we have sweet insurance, we walked out with a brand new human being for only $200. 
For $23.52 per pound we came out with the best investment of my life. I say that she WAS the most second most expensive purchase of the year until the garden. Apparently I had no idea what a garden cost because my jaw dropped like a cartoon character in Lowes when I saw how much the wood for the boxes, the starts, and dirt cost.
Apparently dirt is not free. Apparently trees are really expensive. Apparently the only thing that wasn't costing us money was the sun and the oxygen.  Apparently we need to produce $225 worth of quality fruits and vegetables to break even.  I would say however that Lowes is our new family hang out. We had a fabulous time (until the lady announced the price).
Gar wouldn't go for the tacky flamingo or the official gardening hats (maybe next year), but it was so fun to look at all the options and feel hip with the gardening crowd around us. 

Now we will just wait to see if the second most expensive purchase brings results.  If anything ever does come out of the ground and is big enough to eat, please don' t be offended if I charge you per bite.   I am expecting our $17 investment of Miracle Grow to do just what its name suggests...grow a miracle because so far all I see is dirt...

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