Friday, May 31, 2013

Vegetarian fun...

I love meat. A lot. I'm like a cowboy from the wild west because there is nothing I love more than a Texas Roadhouse steak and potatoes (I would like to say however that is the only similarity because I hate camping, I am scared of spurs and I would never give birth next to a wagon wheel).  So when Gar told me that he had invited a resident and his wife to dinner that were vegetarian I was at a loss. I was baffled at what to cook. I didn't know if I should grill up some grass or order some tofu from Japan or what in the world vegetarian even means. 
Fortunately I found out that vegetarians are just as nice as carnivorous humans such as myself.  We had alfredo, asparagus, garlic bread, Italian sodas, some fancy salad that Gar's mom makes, and brownies.  Grace may be a vegetarian one day so I am using that segway to post this pic (mostly just because I am crazy about her). 
  They were such a fabulous couple even though they beat us at "Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader" on the wii.  I hope they come back because it was such a fun night, asparagus and all.

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