Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bringing it back....

Sometimes I wonder why certain inventions were approved. Example A: the snuggie. Have you ever, and I mean EVER just gone over to someone's house and seen them just lounging around on the couch in a snuggie? That's right. You haven't. Because people don't do that. People use snuggies as jokes, and great white elephant presents, not as functional items of household lounge wear.  I mean let's get real, the classic bathrobe is slowly become extinct so how the heck to the inventors of snuggified glory expect this blanket/robe (they should have called it a ranket or a blobe, you know like a spork which combines the two words of the items it combines) to become a hit?   Now its time to meet the outlier. Introducing one of my favorite people on Earth: my bro Tay. TZ as we affectionately call him.  While in Utah I came downstairs to this sight.  Not just in a snuggie, put a purple snuggie no less.  It's worth your time to look at, appreciate, and get a good laugh. 
I want to submit this picture to the inventors of Snuggie so they know that their invention, specifically the purple edition was not in vain.  Good work Tuzz.

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