Monday, December 5, 2011

Home again.

We are home. Well, we are back. I feel like I went home. I feel like I left home and then came back home to go home.  Home is an interesting concept.  Home is holding Liv. Home is waking up and hearing my mom make breakfast downstairs. Home is laying next to our gas fireplace eating cuties clementines and listening to everyone talk. Home is being held by G. Home is a hamster cage sized apartment in Bluefield where I cut coupons and wait for my lover to come back. Home is driving around with my mom and sisters in the car to a thrift store. Home is feeling safe. Home is where you laugh so hard your love handles hurt, where you don't have to wear makeup and everyone loves you no matter what you do.  I have realized I have a lot of homes. I once read a cheesy quote that said, "Home is where you hang your heart."   I don't know about the whole hang your heart but I think anywhere your heart is, is a place you can call home.  I'm baffled at how to record the non stop joy packed 3 week vacation so stay tuned while I ponder.  One thing I can definitely say is that Dorthy and her rat dog know her stuff because there really is no place like home.

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