Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye Kim Jong.

I do not pretend to act like I know or am emotionally involved at all with Koreas governement officials.  I do however, love current events and making big deals out of nothing.  SO, since there was nothing else to commemorate, on Kim Jong's (the leader of North Korea) unexpected death day, Gar came home to dinner with me and his picture.  We commemorated with homeade yellow curry (I know, it's not Korean but just pretend) and chocolates from Em and Nick.
The curry was decent for its maiden voyage.  While we ate I showed the CNN clip of the country's mourning and then read facts about his life.  I was prepared to read the whole page of fascinating tidbits I had printed but G said I should just pick my top 3 facts.  THEN it was time for the commemorative dessert:
 We each got 3 pieces of paper to write 3 fortunes.  Some were very good and some were not so good.  G got the fortune that said he had to clean the bathroom and I got a half hour back rub.  That is the luck of the Korean dessert.
 Liv was very respectful during the Kim Jong commemoration even though she did not get to eat any authentic North Korean fortune cookies. Her fortune is that she was going to bed right after dinner and that she would crawl before she was 5. 
 I must give a shout out to the help meet. He is always a good sport when it comes to things like Kim Jong commemoration nights although we couldn't really say anything we loved about him because we had never met him.  We had never been to Korea. We also don't like Korean food. But we did like the Indian curry and I liked my fortune and the bathrooms looked great after G fulfilled his fortune.
Rest in Peace Kim Jong. I hope you're enjoying the preach my gospel lessons on the other side.

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