Sunday, December 18, 2011

Too bad for Betty Hanks...

So Betty Hanks has to be at least 75 years old. She wears a red hat to church almost every week and matching electric stop sign red sunglasses underneath.  I'm 97% sure she has a crush on Garrett. I bet she wishes upon a star, in tunnels and every birthday cake from now until she croaks that she was 40 years younger or Gar was 40 years older.  I don't blame her. I'm just pointing it out as a fact.  I don't know what she bore her testimony about before we moved in the ward because she like to tell everyone what a real man and good dad he is from the pulpit as well as on the sidelines.  She makes sure I know it too. I always give G his Betty Hanks report after relief society of what she noticed about him this week.

Today she passed us after sacrament meeting and said pinching G's arm, "Hello best dad."  She then turned to me and looked with wanton eyes and said in my ear with a loud whisper, "Hello lucky wife." Ha. I laughed hard. She's right though, I am a lucky wife. The luckiest.

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