Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Picture Time.

I know. It doesn't get more classic than getting family pictures. Growing up there were few things more stressful than having family pictures.  It's like the pre church 15 minute rush on steroids with extra hairspray.   I saw these awkward family pictures and it made me laugh. Hard. It also made me very very adamant that photos like these never happen to my family. Ever.

How did they let these happen? How?  Although I did think the nutcracker suits were one way to spread the holiday cheer and the tree straddle definitely is a possibility for next years pose. Tree huggers. Literally. Next question. Why did G and I never get a wedding pic like the one above?   Ok, with those being shown, we can move on.  We had the whole family tree together for Thanksgiving on the Seibold side so we had a massive picture taken to record the epic event.  Afterwards we had Kerry take a couple pics since were all hair sprayed into position and dressed in coordinating matching cuteness:

Family Pics. A necessary stress. Always worth it. I look like I am in Garrett sandwich.  I love the two round faced white twins on either side of my long horse face Mexican features. I love this picture. I love living with them even more.

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