Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My grandma is great.

There is no one on Earth like Emilie Corrine Anderson Harris.  She happens to be the quintessential grandma.  Everything a grandma should be, she is times one thousand.  She is obsessed with details and making you feel like your mundane ordinary life is as thrilling as Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding day.  She smells like a grandma.  She has the best wrinkles. She is the best listener. She kisses your cheeks. She would stay up all night just to be apart of people and whatever is going on.  She is so funny.  She says words like ghastly and dearheart. She makes apple pies and rice pudding and always wants to fix you something even if you're stuffed.   She loves babies. She loves my baby.  I want her to live forever because there is no one like her and everyone needs a grandma like her in their life.  Liv needs her. I need her. Garrett needs her.  We all love her.  She is the heart of our family tree. Not the trunk or bark.  That is far too boring of a description for who she is.  I know trees don't have hearts but she is the heart of our family tree and we would not be the same without her.  I can't explain how it felt to watch my own baby be loved and held and rocked by my grandma.  It was like a weird dream or movie to watch how my grandma that used to hold me was holding Liv.  I hope she never forgets how it feels to be held by her.  I know I will never forget it and how it feels to hear her singing "My grandmother she."  I've always loved being rocked and held by her, but I think I may have loved watching her hold my baby just as much....

Everyone needs a grandma Harris.  I love my mom. I love my grandma. I love the new branch named Liv that comes from these women I love.

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