Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas morn...

Finally. The mother of all mornings. The morning where the air feels different and as cheesy as it sounds, there really is magic and all of a sudden I don't feel like I've had 28 birthday candles on my cake because I just want to scream with joy like I'm 5.  Although I will admit that having a baby who has decided that sleeping through the night is not her thing definitely diminished the Christmas eagerness to wake up.  Good thing every single one of G's siblings jumped on our bed to wake us up when it was still dark outside.  I loved it.

  Since our Christmas budget was on Residency status this year, Liv got a new diaper and clementine cuties.  Let's just say it was well worth the money....

 I was so shocked when I opened up the thing I had been secretly (ok not so secretly) yearning for...
(Matching WV shirts sponsored by Garrett's father) I was shrieking (not hard to imagine) and loving every second.  I love this magical day so much.

Even though it was her first Christmas, I think Liv caught the vision because she was laughing and shrieking just like her mother and loved her presents from grandma and great grandma:

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Even in West Virginia.

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  1. I love your blog so much. Seriously, I laugh and smile every time I read it. I am sorry if I ever make an inappropriate comment...I don't mean too, I just love reading about your life and I get really excited.

    You have not changed on bit. You are still just so positive and wonderful and beautiful.