Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Chronicals of Lone Peak Narnia....

You know on the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe when Lucy goes through the wardrobe and its a completely different world with a psycho creepy white witch and talking animals etc.?  Well, once she has been there, Narnia is every bit as real as her other world, it's just a different reality that she doesn't know how to explain to other people unless they have been themselves.  That's a little bit about how I felt about going back to Lone Peak Seminary to visit. To be honest, there really isn't a place or a group of people I love more.  I felt so emotional just seeing Kay wearing her NASA headset and sitting in her office.  I had tidal waves of nostalgia and sentimental feelings saturate me as I just sat there and remembered how many hours I have spent with that angel woman eating pretzels and talking about life.  I love that building. Just breathing the air and smelling that place made me feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege that it was to be there for 3 years of my life.

We took Liv into my old office where I spent 9 months laying on the floor in between teaching and puking while I was pregnant.  It felt crazy to realize that Liv had already spent so much time there, she just didn't know because she was all hooked up by a cord swimming around my belly for the whole time.  I loved that chair. I loved my office. I loved preparing lessons and talking and laughing in that small area that became one of my favorite places to be.
It felt so interesting to see students again.  I can't describe how many hours of my life were dedicated to preparing, praying for, talking with, thinking about, stressing about, and putting their names on prayer rolls.  Long before I was married, these students were my world and my purpose and I loved seeing them again.  They are so bright. They have so much opposition.  Satan hates their guts because of their goodness and what they are here to accomplish. I almost felt a sense of awe just watching them pour into the building when the bell rang.  I will always love and miss those youth that I spent hundreds of hours with each semester.  There really couldn't be a better job.

There will never be a way to describe how I feel about these men and women I got to work with.  They really are in the salt of the Earth club forever.  Sure, they prob won't ever drive Hummers or go on trips to Hawaii every year (unless their brother is Warren) but it doesn't matter because that is not where their treasure is.  Their hearts are so pure and good it would make Mother Teresa feel like the grinch before his heart adjustment.  I have no doubt that they were put into my life and one of the most important critical times in my life to help me trust and see what it means to honor your priesthood and love the right.  Not to mention the fact that my love handles would ache from laughing so hard every day.  There are not better people on Earth.  I mean that. I don't think their mortal minds will ever know how much I needed, love and appreciate who they are the way that have impacted my life forever.
I just posted this picture of Kay and now I'm crying. What is my deal?  I better not be pregnant again. Ha. Honestly though, every time I think of Kay Thurman I feel emotional because of how much I love her.  She might as well just wear a bow on her head because she was given to me as a gift straight from heaven.  She really is an un resurrected angel in my life and one of the most influential women I have ever known.  She is one of my best friends and without any doubt, one of the most Christlike, fun, sincere, forgiving, strongest souls and disciples you will ever know.  Talking with her in the parking lot was one of the highlights of my whole trip.  No matter how much time passes or where I move to, I will always love and miss Kay Thurman in my life.

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