Thursday, December 8, 2011

When you're're family. Literally.

While in Michigan for Thanksgiving the Seibold men got together to do what Seibold men do I do not understand golf. At all. I'm trying to understand it because to not embrace it would bring dishonor to the Seibold name.  It would be the equivalent of Steve Jobs wife not wanting an Ipod and using a Mac at the family reunion.  Unacceptable.  You'll notice that the men are all wearing long sleeves and warm pants.  This is because it was absolutely freezing outside. The weather never stopped the pioneers from pressing onward and it is that same pioneer spirit that drives these men to the green no matter what the opposition placed before them.  Onward ever onward to hit that little white expensive ball into a hole.  As cheesy as it sounds, I love the brotherhood that exists between the men in this picture.  I have come to realize that it isn't the golf, but the being together that matters to them (although the competition gets a little fierce prior to departure and the trash talking goes on far longer than the game prior to playing).  I had a good brain laugh (you know the kind where you don't laugh out loud but you are dying inside your head because its so funny) last year watching these 7 grown men all watch seven brides for seven brothers because they used to get to watch it on Sunday while they were growing up and they loved the fight scene.  These are seven of the best men I know.  I love my brother in laws so much.  They love each other even more.  It seems to me that there is just an unspoken understanding between them that they would do anything for each other, anytime, anywhere. It's interesting to see that even the addition of wives, babies and moving to different states has no affect on their relationship.  

 Let's be honest, Seibold men are not known for being chatterboxes. We were all sitting together in the living room and I said, "Now come on boys we all need to bond. Let's have a heart to heart and talk."  Taylor said, "Chelsey, we don't need to spill our guts and discuss deep heartfelt topics to bond. We just like to sit in the same room and be together." Hmm. So true. I liked it.  So while the men sat and soaked up the bonding air, we made pumpkin milkshakes in the kitchen and did some bonding of our own...
  I love family. I love when I married the jackpot, I also inherited 6 of the best brother in laws and 3 sister in laws I could ask for. It's interesting to not have grown up with them and only known them for 2 years and yet feel like when I walk through the Michigan door, it is like coming home because the Olive Garden theme is true...when you're here, you're family.  It feels like family and I love every single one of them. Golf and all.

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