Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fuze time.

Liv is sleeping right now. G is working. It's just me and our Big Lots Christmas tree hanging out on a Sunday afternoon in Bluefield.  Everyone is in church so I can't call anyone since I am two hours into the future ahead of them.  I am in a reflective mood and would like to say that one of my very favorite nights of being in Utah was the night that Tay, Jeff and I all played tetris until 1 am and then went to Wally's palace and got Fuze drinks.  This stems from a tradition Jeff and I created when he was little.  We would always go get a Jones and then flip a coin to see if we turned right or left and then when we would arrive at the random destination, we would drink the Jones.  Since Walmart didn't have Jones, we settled for fuze and the quarter flip driving led us to a car wash.  I loved being sandwiched in Jeff's red truck in between my two brothers driving while "Where is the Love" blasted in the dark.  I love my brothers and I miss them. A lot. Even when Jeff is 40 and I am 51, I hope we will still get a Jones and drive around flipping a quarter.  Jeff doesn't flap his jaws and participate in idle chatter.  He's not an attention black hole like the rest of his siblings.  When he does speak, you better write it down because its always true, usually wise, and extremely funny. 

It would be nice to have a private jet and fly to Oahu to make memories while drinking pineapple juice on the beach.  Until then, I'm loving my .99 cent pina colada fuze in the red truck in a car wash with my brothers.  There's something so deeply happy about traditions and memories that Hawaii doesn't have. I love my brothers.

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