Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas guests...

I go crazy for Christmas. I love every single thing about it. I was feeling very very very sad about not being able to go to Utah for Christmas but on December 22nd Garrett's parents called and said that they were coming the next day and would be here in our hamster cage to share Christmas.  I screamed. I was so excited. More than excited. I love family so much.  I couldn't wait.  I was so thrilled that I laid in bed until 3 am just waiting for them to pull into our 1100 square foot cozy Christmas cottage (ok, I've never called it that before but it sounds better than calling it our cramped Christmas crap).
 We kicked off the morning by going to Tudors Biscuit house.  Anyone on Weight Watchers should not go in to this deep fried restaurant of fatty goodness.  We clogged our arteries WV style and loved every bite. I couldn't believe they really came.  It was the ultimate Christmas gift.
 Don't worry, if you want meatloaf for breakfast, WV has a restaurant for you....

 We played non stop games. There was no where for anyone to go so we all just breathed each others air and soaked up the family rays.  We had pizza for dinner, went to the movies and played more games. It was so dang fun.  I love every single one of them so dang much.
 We played a new fun card game and the competition was intense for the snuggie prize. 
 The two game champions with their prizes:
We laughed so hard and never went to sleep until you couldn't keep your eyes open or lift the wii controller one more time.  It just felt so good to literally have family in every square foot of the house.  I never wanted them to leave.

(B and I practicing our Christmas faces o' surprise; you can clearly see my uvula of anticipation...)

 (Tanner won an iron man yoyo and Elliot won a palm reading book at the game competition)
Who knew Kody was a secret yoyo professional? It felt so good to laugh so hard and be so close (literally) to the people we love most.  Sleeping accommodations were not the most spacious...
 Elliot discovered a sweet unoccupied nap nook under the table....

I fell asleep every night so happy that there wasn't a way to walk through any room in our house without stepping on multiple Seibold bodies.  It was so full and so happy in every sense of the word.

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