Sunday, December 11, 2011

Liv the celery eating comedian...

Do you remember on Sesame street when they would play, "One of these things is not like the other?" Well, I'd like to play that game right now with the picture above.  Last night was Garrett's work Christmas party.  It was an ugly sweater party.  That is what we all have in common.  Sweaters. Before we left, I felt slightly intimidated since all these women are doctors and I was hoping they evening wasn't going to make me feel like a foreign exchange student while they all chatted it up discussing encephalopathic neuropathy blah blah words I don't understand vascularnecrotic syndrome of some weird muscle tissue that I didn't know (or care) existed.  I wondered how what I could add to their conversations about saving lives all day when my days consist of changing Liv's bum, coloring pics with the home schooled neighbor boys, reading "Fuzzy Bee", and making fascinating masterpieces in the crock pot.

I realized something after an hour of talking.  Instead of being intimidated, I realized that it doesn't really matter that their brains are abnormally intelligent because what we have in common is that we are women. I love being a woman.  No don't get me wrong, I appreciate manliness, brotherhood and men. I'd just rather wear tampax pads than football pads any day.  I have always had a deep love for relief society for that reason. I love how women connect, talk, need each other, understand each other and are all heart.  As we talked, I realized it didn't matter that one is a radiologist, or an endocrinologist or that I'm a Liv specialist.  It was just inspiring to be with them and just to talk. We talked about babies, about their husbands, about friends, about girl stuff.  It doesn't matter where you go, women need other women. End of story.  I'm so grateful for the women in my life.

It was funny to realize for the gizillionth time that we are not in Utah.  Let's just say that I learned that people who are drunk laugh very easy. Liv was chewing on celery and these two people in the corner were acting like they were at a Brian Regan because they were laughing so hard at her. The more she chewed, the harder they laughed. Easy crowd.  There was a whole table of beverages that I had never seen before. Liv loves to grab anything but especially glasses.  She was reaching and trying to drink out of Joan's cup and since I often let her sip water or juice I said, "Oh it's fine;" Joan said, "Um, I think she's too young to drink alcohol."  I quickly remembered that there was no Deseret book for miles.   It was fun to get together although we left early to put Liv to bed before it got crazy.

I loved being at the party but I loved coming home to our little hamster cage even more and just being with G, watching House, eating Rocky Road, and just soaking up how good it feels to be together.  It's honestly, my very favorite place to be.

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