Sunday, May 20, 2012

Auction time...

G and I decided that with our West Virginia days being numbered, we could not leave without going to an official auction.  We hired a real live babysitter and drove all the way to Richlands where we enjoyed the fine dining option of A&W (the other option in the town was Long John Silvers which is like glorified frozen tv dinners with fish).  We had a hearty laugh when all my favorites from the ward were also there:
These are G's buddies and they are regulars at the auction.  I was laughing so hard at James Kahle settling in on the back row after getting his auction paddle and buying a hot plate of nachos with bright orange snot consistency cheese dripping all over them. I seriously want to put all these guys in a movie.
 There were some sweet boxes of absolute pure complete junk that April and I had some good laughs over and wouldn't have bought even if it was free and came with a bonus gift.
Items like this authentic KKK framed painting went for $25. They had all kinds of treasures that you're mind could never conceive unless you live here.
In the end, G and I did not walk away empty handed. Learning the guitar is my summer goal and for $40 we took home this beauty.
Which paled in comparison to this original masterpiece. How could I pass up this work of art (literally)? Ok, let's be honest, I could care less about the cleavage English musician girl, I want to paint the frame black and put in a family pic.  On the way home we were hoping that perhaps it is a rare original and worth our student loan debt and more. I highly doubt it, but if you are an art dealer, please let us know before I pinterest-ify the frame. We went and got doughnuts and watermelon for our treat and then came home and watched a movie while G dominated me in words with friends. I probably will feel just fine going to my grave without going to another West Virginia auction, but I am glad we went.

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