Thursday, May 31, 2012

Michigan round 2...

Perhaps you may be thinking, "Um, I thought you just went to Michigan 2 weeks ago."  Well, you're right. We did. The day we got back I was so let down that I begged Gar to drive back. I offered to drive the 9 hours while he slept just so we could go back for the weekend.  I then offered to give him money (which is funny since I wouldn't have a peso without him) which he declined.  Then I offered him a 3 hour back rub out of sheer desperation as he was going out the door to work.  He said very matter of factly, "Chelsey, I have no vacation days left. There is no possibility at all of us going to Michigan. None. 0 percent. So you should stop hoping for something that can't happen."  I let my Michigan dreams crash to the reality rocks when the door closed until an hour later when he called and said, "Chel, I don' t know what you prayed or what you did but the doctor I'm working with just told me that he is going on vacation for the week so the clinic is closed and we have a week off."   Let's just say I was thrilled. Since Mom watched Liv while we were in Denver making our little purchase, we only had Memorial weekend to hang out but we made the most of it.
We had garage sale mania with the ladies on Saturday followed by Pei Wei Chinese food and talking.
Dylan and G were having a competition to see who would be the first one in the pool for the summer.  I decided to unexpectly beat them both by jumping in with my clothes on.  We stayed in the pool about as long as it took to take this picture because it wasn't all the way heated yet. I suppose if I was being optimistic I would say it was "refreshing". 
Classic game night. Always fun. Always classic.
Since there are now 5, yes count them 5, grandchildren (all born in the last 2 years mind you) and only one high chair, we had to feed in shifts.  Liv was getting a little anxious for her turn.
This is a picture that both participants will hate and destroy so I don't really know why I took it.
Dyl and I have a tradition of getting a doughnut every single time we hang out. This time was no exception except we went for our secret doughnut run so late at night that all they had left was a box of crusty old 4th of July hard tac junk. For traditions sake, we bought them anyway.

Troy deserves his own picture because I learned that he is 3 months old and sleeps from 10 pm until 7 am. Ridiculous. Liv could really use an example like Troy in her life.  I'm having our next baby hang out with Troy as much as possible so it can rub off.

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