Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So this one time we went house shopping in Denver...

So this one time Liv and I went shopping....for a house. Yes we did. We just hopped on a plane to Denver. Hold on; that sentence is very deceiving because it makes it sounds easy and effortless like we just ate some cotton candy and poof we arrived. Let's just say that is Liv's last flight until she has at least reached the age of accountability so everyone on the plane isn't giving me icy looks like the white witch on Narnia trying to freeze me in my chair as if Liv's squawking is a reflection of me as a person and a parent. I wasn't squawking. I was being reverent and fail to see why everyone was wishing there was a terrorist on the plane to bomb me when it was my traveling companion who failed to quietly enjoy the 5,000 foot altitude.  Let's just say we bought some benadryl and the flight back went much smoother.  I'll spare the details but let's just say I learned a very valuable lesson called never take a baby on a plane unless it's a private jet with a pilot who is as patient and jolly as Santa and loves wriggling squawking cheeio throwing babies. Ever.
 Liv loved the family as Grama and Grandpa could have earned their eagle with all the service hours they put in driving us back and forth, babysitting and looking at houses.
We ate Italian spaghetti and taught them the card game "golf" and grandpa was convinced that he could see through the cards if he used his x ray vision to pick just the right one...

I wanted to make Italian sodas and there was no flavoring at the grocery store there (which PS is called "King Soopers" which seems like such a ridiculous name for a business but I'm not complaining since I soon will be a frequent shopper, they can call it whatever the heck they want as long as it's not in West Virginia) and so I may or may not have stopped at my first liquor store to ask if they had any flavoring. After explaining several times at the drive thru what I was looking for and having the man with the soul patch and bald head stare we left. 

I have a hard time picking out a pair of jeans and I certainly had a much harder time picking out a house.  We didn't find one to buy, but we did have a good time and we can't wait to be in our future state, homeless or not.

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