Thursday, May 17, 2012

My big day....(along with the rest of America)

I know this is after the fact but I still wanted to remember my big day. My official nationally recognized mothers day. I know, I know, it's like the after Christmas sale but I still wanted to jot it down for my memory.  You are an American and free to skip right over this post so don't blame me if you are using your agency to waste your time. Let's just say the only other time I ate one of my all time favorite breakfasts (able skeevers, bacon, berries and juice) was last Mothers day which makes it an even bigger deal.  It's like Passover food. It's so rarely eaten, that eating it makes Mothers Day that much more of a monumental day.  Perhaps we might say this is a tradition. I say anything you have done twice and like can count as a tradition (ie once my sister and I had this "tradition" of running on Saturday mornings, we went.....twice.)
  Anyway, I got the necklace and earrings I was wanting, not to mention two boxes of candy for church.  These are not just any boxes of candy, these are very special boxes. It's a well known fact that I like to have a little intermission snack at church which I tried to hide from Garrett when we were first married by eating in the church bathroom. G still does not condone the practice except on special occasions like mothers day where he actually bought me two specific boxes of church candy for the day.  It's an instant hit with all the little kids when I sneaked them Mike and Ikes and Jr. Mints all through the meeting without their parents knowing.
The other thing I love, and I mean love is a really really hot bath.  There are few things I love more in life and since high school I have always taken a nightly bath.  Well this tradition has been halted due to the fact that our hottest water temperature is not hot enough at our house for the acceptable bath temperatures I enjoy. There's nothing worse than sitting in a small bathtub with your love handles in tepid water like a piece of beef that is defrosting. There's nothing better than a piping hot bath with a magazine before bed as all your problems evaporate with the steam.  It's been a rough year with our merely warm water and I have sorely missed hot baths; so you can imagine my delight when I came downstairs in the evening to this sight:
No, G was not cooking. He was boiling water for my mothers day bath.  I loved it even though I couldn't get in for awhile because I was close to passing out in the sauna like atmosphere in the bathroom even before attempting to get in.  Everyone needs to adopt the practice of a nightly hot bath.  I had neck and back rubs all day, anytime and for as long as I said.  We had a divine shrimp dinner and my favorite rice pudding for dessert.  I loved my big day. I loved it because it didn't even seem that big since G is always cleaning up, helping and doing things I love frequently but I still loved the whole day of motherhood glory. 

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