Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little purchase we made last week....

We drove to Michigan and left Liv in the exceptional care of Grandma Seibold and flew to DenverWe were not sight seeing. We were not on vacation. We were not dilly dallying in the mile high city. We had a very serious and important mission: to purchase a home. We had less than 48 hours to find, offer and purchase a home.  I usually can't even decide on a pair of jeans to buy in that time so I was a little worried until we found this little nugget which we promptly placed and offer, signed a thillion papers and after writing a personal letter with our offer about why we were the obvious next people that should be mowing their lawn and living at their house, our offer was accepted.
That's right. We are now home owners. I would appreciate if you would refer to us as such from now on.
We are so excited and we have a guest bedroom on purpose.  That purpose that we intend on having guests, lots of them. This means you.  We know that we were mega blessed to find such a great house with such limited time.
We celebrated after a year long Cafe Rio fast by going back to G's favorite restaurant.  Before we got on the plane as I was brushing my teeth he said, "I have two goals for Denver: eat Cafe Rio, and find a house, in that order."  We did them both.
How could I not violate the airports privacy by taking a picture of this man?  We had a long wait so I had plenty of time to watch as everyone in line didn't crack a smile and acted like it was totally normal to see a 50 year old bald man taking tickets with a burger king crown on his head.  What the? I didn't even know Burger king crowns existed, or that grown adults in a professional career wear them.  Perhaps he was just feeling royal, or maybe it blocked the wind on his bald scalp, since I took a secret picture and didn't ask him, I will never know...

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! This is HUGE! SO excited for you guys! That is just insane you did that so fast. We took over a year. What a fun adventure! And happy birthday to you and Liv! Can't wait to meet her one day!