Sunday, May 20, 2012

A solution...

We have a new problem with our offspring. She is a messy eater. I fully recognize that she isn't yet 1 years old and I'm not expecting her to use a cloth napkin and a fork. When I say messy, I mean seriously deliberately destructively messy, it's not like an occasional accident or a couple of smashed bananas unintentionally fall to their death on the carpet.  She is deliberately conscientiously able to make each meal cause for a full bath.  One way I have solved this problem with my mothering genius intellect is to strip her down before feedings.  This however, is not helpful because the main problem is that whatever she is eating, she smashes in her hair.  She does not like her nursing home, pre chewed mush in a jar anymore and likes to feed herself.  This independence is a wonderful milestone except for the fact that we have to wash her hair after every feeding because she always ends up wiping whatever is in her hands, in her hair.  I finally solved this problem once and for all yesterday morning:

I call this genius invention shower cap feedings and will do them until she comes out of her "smash food in my hair" phase. If you need further evidence look at the photo below and she persists in trying to smash her toast into her hair that is now protected....
  I don't know how long it will last so if anyone has an better suggestions, I'm open.

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