Friday, May 11, 2012

Hair time.

I'll tell you one of the things that I think is care.  Hair Stylists, barbers, whatever the proper title for them is, have the best secret system going on, ever. Think about it.  If you're a refrigerator salesmen, how often do people need new fridges? If you want to build a personal relationship with your customers, it would be rough because you'd only see them once every 15 or so years. Same thing with people who have a snow plowing business.  Sure, December is a hot month for them but they never know if they are going to have work if the sun shows up.  Hair stylists on the other hand have guaranteed business, all the time, all year round because hair never stops growing.  It blows my mind how much they charge to add a couple colors in by sticking your whole head full of tin foil like you are a baked potato.  It's got to be a thriving economy because no matter how good it looks, it's only going to last for so long before your clients will be back with shaggy grown out roots begging for another fix.   I have been going to the same stylist for 10 years. That's hair follicle loyalty at its best.  I don't trust any of the places here so I haven't had it cut for 11 months until I went to Utah last month.  When my mom and Em came out they tried to help the disaster but it just wasn't the same.
You can see the apprehension on my pained face.  I'm only thinking about this because my bangs have already grown out since my haircut last month and I am not looking forward to doing my home care special.  I am going to watch an instructional video on youtube. How hard can it be? Especially since I won't be attempting anything like this:
The best part is when men get a hair cut. It always seems like they do it way too short.  You can always tell when a man has just gotten a fresh hair cut because you notice their scalp and the shape of their head for the first time.  I've observed a phenomenon I call the two week prime.  After two weeks of a fresh cut, men stop looking like they just got shaved at the dog groomers minus the bow and usually have the perfect hair length. I wish hair could just stop when it's at its two week prime because after a few more weeks, it gets too long and then it's time to rinse and repeat the whole cycle over.  It's always awkward to me when someone says, "You got a hair cut!"  I mean what is that? it's not a compliment so you can't say thank you.  It's the equivalent of walking up to someone and saying, "You have eyebrows." It's an observation.  The next time you notice someone got their haircut, at least turn it into a compliment or something they can respond to.   While we're on the subject, I also recently learned the importance of eyebrows:

 Back to the ridiculous price of this necessary vanity.  Men can afford to go more often because they don't get suckered into something called highlights. I love getting highlights but I feel like they should be putting real gold strands in my hair for the price I'm paying.  It does make a big difference.  Just look at what color did for this dog:
I think baby hair is the easiest.  No one cares if Liv doesn't do anything with her hair. As long as there is something pink on her, people at the grocery store know she is a girl.

If she does get her hair done she only has two options, one is slicked back like a used car salesmen and the other is straight up with a bow like Cindy Lou Who on the grinch:
 Sometimes when we sit in the back during sacrament meeting, I use it as an opportunity to assess hair possibilities but when it comes down to it, I get the same cut every time since my 7th grade school picture.  Maybe someday I will do something drastic. Probably never but I always look at the magazines of options every time I go into the salon even though I come out looking the exact same every time.  I hope the youtube video goes well. If it doesn't, I will not be posting pics.

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  1. Good luck. I just went totally gray over night. I have so many hair color possibilities, but I have to pay for it and find the time (Ha!) to do it.

    Love you so much.