Thursday, May 17, 2012

Liv's social skills....

All mothers want their daughters to make good choices, stay out of jail, and marry an eagle scout.  I too want those things for Liv.  There are some other things that are very important to me in raising her.  One of those things is that I want Liv to be socially low maintenance and  high yield; meaning I want her to not be one of those high maintenance kids that can't go to strangers and does not play well with others.  Now, I don't care if Liv is prom queen and the most popular but I want her to socially be able to make lots of friends and I believe that starts young.  So far we are off to a rough start.  If you'll recall the pic above, cousin relations are a little strained when Liv comes to town.  I was hoping it was just a fluke but I'm starting to be concerned after we went to the Dogget's today and she played with Arianna. See evidence below:

I don't blame Liv. She's very loving and has all the right intentions. It just seems that anyone she plays with besides the Doggett bogs, immediately has a look of extreme distress, cries and needs instant rescuing which is slightly awkward.  I think she inherited my inability to sense people's personal space which comes off a little abrasive to delicate female playmates, that or maybe she just doesn't get along with red headed girls.  I don't know. I will need a larger sample size before I can make any conclusions. 
I babysat while Tara ran to Walmart and the boys were very anxious for her return. They are both very protective of Liv and she is betrothed to Levi which works out well considering I want to be friends with his mother for much longer than our Bluefield probation.
(Notice Liv's future husband in the background)

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