Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our new golf green....

So if I was an adviser to the president and China offered the sum total of all the earnings from all past and future pokemon cards plus a gizillion dollars and would forgive all our debt if we sold them one state, it's no secret that I would sell West Virginia without shedding a tear or a moment's hesitation.  Let's just say living in a place where Walmart is the only social recreational activity has been slightly rough this year.  However, that is not to say that John Denver didn't know what he was singing about when he composed "Country Roads".    If you aren't familiar with it's one song of glory please take a moment out of respect for West Virginia and listen to our friend who should have never taken a plane posted above. Although I must admit that when I sing it, my lyrics are, "Take me home, country roads, out of this place, I don't belong, West Virginia..."  Now, just because I am not a full blooded "mountain momma" does not mean I can not appreciate the fact that this state is ridiculously beautiful.  Yesterday after dinner we decided to go to the West Virginia look out point.  In case you haven't had the rare opportunity to come see our state for yourself, I will post a pic for you to see (which is a lot cheaper than you flying in here considering we are 3 hours away from the nearest airport):
As you can see, it's no booming metropolis but if you like scenery that looks like the front of the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing bottle, then this is your place.  We've come up to the look out before because its about 4 minutes from our house.  Look outs are kind of boring because the explanation is in the name, you do just that: get out and look. From the latin root, to look out. Period. It's really not that thrilling.  We decided to spice it up a bit by bringing the newest member of our family, Gar's new driver, up to the look out and using it to hit a few golf balls. It's definitely green so I think it counts as a quote green unquote.

We hit our best and then went to Dogget's for homeade brownies and ice cream.  Following our gluttony we went home where I dominated G in 3 rounds of "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader" on the wii. G and I have ongoing competitions of several games including words with friends, tetris, and Racko and each win is always worth a 20 minute back rub which can make your fingers pretty sore if you lose too many games it a row. It adds up fast so the competition is fierce. Good thing I knew what a homonym is. If you want to come see the look out yourself, you better book your reservation now because we have exactly 42 days left here. I have concluded that look outs are boring but "look out and do somethings" are fun. 

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