Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RIP April...

What happened to April? I feel like if I was to be accurate on this years calendar I would just have to rip the whole rainy month out altogether because it went so fast I feel like all 30 days evaporated before my eyes.  It was by far one of the funnest months of 2012. We visited 3 different states and had some top highlights which will be elaborated upon later when Liv isn't wiping banana all over my legs as I type.  Last Saturday we suddenly decided that we needed a live plant.  I never want a pet so a garden and plants are as close as we will get.  We went to Lowes and bought our first tomato plant and chives.  I wouldn't give them a "thriving" status but they are still both surviving on our porch.

(Is it just me or is this the exact same head on two different bodies?)

I felt very spring-ish to be planting even though I hate tomatoes.  It's like planting puke and hoping it will grow.  Nevertheless, it is fun to look outside and see some green on our porch and have something for someone to water when we go on trips, it just seems like a grown up thing to do.

We will keep this motto in mind with our mini garden. Ok, it's too small to be considered a mini garden. With our one pot. One. Gar probably won't need to take the day off for our harvest season but you never know....

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