Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bowling Time...

 For one of the grand finale hang outs we all went bowling. This clip is by far one of the most accurate descriptions of bowling, explains my sentiments and deserves your attention.  Nevertheless, it is always a good time and the competition between Mike and Stephen was intense...
 The music at bowling alleys always makes me feel I'm at a sweaty rocking 9th grade dance.  The only thing that makes it worth it is the company since our scores were less than admirable. We stopped at Maverick for huckleberry ice cream (which they were out of) after to celebrate the victory.
(Once again, another family photo that I hope never makes it to a frame. No, Nick does not always wear his Sunday best for bowling, just his best games)  What we're trying to capture here is that we had a dang good time.

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