Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easter in Lehi....

Since Utah is obviously close to Colorado, there was no way that Liv and I had trekked through our own Rocky Ridge in the sky and come so far only to go back without seeing the fam.  We couldn't have been greeted by a better sight.  I loved seeing Tay and Jeff even though it absolutely weirds me out that my two little brothers are both bigger than me.  Going home was heavenly. It feels so good to be surrounded in every room with the people  understand you, are weird just like you, make you laugh and have the same DNA as you and will love you no matter what.

Of course we cashed in big at the annual easter egg hunt. When the non Savio citizen hears there is an "egg hunt" they might naturally think of a peaceful outdoor setting with a cute basket as they dilly dally looking behind rocks and next to fences for brightly colored eggs.  Nothing could be further from the dynamics of the Savio family egg hunt.  The competition is stiff, the stakes are high, the prizes belong on a game show and the intensity and anticipation saturate the air like the humidity in Michigan in the middle of summer.  This year the teams were as follows:

Liv didn't have a clue what was going on and the fact that we were competing in the big leagues didn't help us survive the egg slaughter domination that Em and Jeff conquered but we did our best and in the was just a tie anyway (also one of the consistent perks that drives Nick and Gar nuts) and we all walked away with prizes galore like we had just won the biggest game show on TV.
I loved the egg hunt. I loved just laying by the fire surrounded by family and laughing my guts out.  I loved holding Mike and Katie's new baby McKall. I loved playing games at the table. I loved late nights with tetris tournaments and trash talking. I loved watching Liv be an instant celebrity.  I love family.  I've said it before, and I say it again and again and is everything.

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