Thursday, May 17, 2012

Watch Your Step....

Last week in seminary we talked about how small simple decisions make the biggest difference.  We watched this clip of Elder Holland and discussed why small things matters so much.  It's so interesting being here because the teenagers reality and trials are so different than what I imagine.  I asked if they had any examples of people they know that have made a decision that has brought opposition and the 14 year old girl responded, "Well, my two friends are pregnant so they probably won't be able to finish 8th grade." I was expecting more of a, "I didn't study for my spelling test and so I didn't get an A" type of answer.

Lately I'm realizing how rare integrity and purity is.  I'm so ridiculously thankful for a husband who is clean and I 'm not just talking about how he folds his clothes. I trust everything about him. If you are not true, you really do are nothing no matter how much you work out or how hot you look.  It really does matter who you really are when no one is looking. Watching pornography is like eating marital rat poison.  I'm so dang grateful to be married to man who is true to himself and the Lord all the time, everywhere, no matter what.  There is nothing that matters more.

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