Saturday, May 19, 2012


Last week was a double whammy mammy bridal shower. My friend April and Becky are both great with child. We played all the classic games and had exceptional refreshments. That is the mark of a truly successful shower.  I remember feeling really disturbed when I was seven and going with my mom to a shower.  I didn't understand why we would all awkwardly gather together for a shower.  I was relieved when my mother explained that the Latin root word of shower was simply to shower someone with presents.  I had a much better visual on the ride over after that picturing someone sitting in the middle of the room while gifts galore poured down.

 The worst part of the one being "showered" is the public opening because you can't act more excited on particular gifts or the person with gifts you gave less of a, "Ohhhh, thank you sooooo much. It's sooooo cute," will feel bad and regret every going into Baby gap on your behalf.  As I was staring at their bulging bellies, I was amazed at what a crazy concept pregnancy is.  It's the wildest science experiment I could ever imagine.  A human growing inside of another human.  If I ever start to feel overwhelmed by the concept of pregnancy, I just look at this madre who had 11 and I feel a whole lot skinnier.
Even if you only have one and you don't have stretch mark city on your abdomen as a souvenir from the whole experience, nothing rocks your world or changes your life like having a baby. Nothing.  I normally think these kind of pictures are so lame, but next to the scriptures, it's one of the truest things I've read lately:
My sister Becky is going to have her baby any day.  My sister Kerry just had a baby. Em's fetus is now officially as large as a shrimp.  It's such a big deal.  In fact, there isn't a bigger deal.  Even if you never sleep in again, it's the best thing there is because it's what life is all about. Baby shower it up folks. Family is everything.

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