Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Michigan Extravaganza..

 Some people complain about their in laws. If someone offered me an all expense paid trip to Disneyworld or a week at my in laws in Michigan I would spit on the Disneyworld option.  I really do feel like I'm home when I'm there and I love that I inherited 12 of the greatest people alive as a bonus prize when I married G.  It was such a fun week of being juntos (that's spanish for together if you don't have a dictionary). We did all the Seibold classics....meaning the boys golfed every day that wasn't a thunder storm and the girls bonded while nurturing offspring. 

 I call this painting brothers shucking into fatherhood.
 We met cousin Troy for the first time.  If you haven't met him and wish you could, just remember meeting Jaxson because it is the same baby.
I think this should be on a Mormonad somewhere. I just need the right caption...
 Female craft time (minus Jax)
Do not be deceived by the effortlessness this picture portrays.  The stroller on the left weighs at least that of a slightly overweight man not to mention the process of getting everyone buckled in, puffs and bottles in their mouths, and repeating the whole process in reverse when we got back to the cars.  This was a picture of accomplishment and triumph. It's like when people take a pic at the top of a mountain. Motherhood is like climbing up Everest all day long and then waking up back at the bottom of the mountain and doing the whole thing over.  It's the best hardest process ever invented...
 Liv used to bawl at the sight of Grandpa Seibold which was slightly awkward,  but they had a breakthrough and are now good friends.
 Cousin Savannah unfortunately wasn't ready to get best friend necklaces yet.  I explained that even if she didn't like Liv, she should try because they are forced friends for the next forever. In this photo Savannah is clearly trying to assess from a distance....
 Unfortunately Liv comes from my womb and her DNA does not naturally respect other people's personal space....
Liv was clearly trying to explain to Savannah that she shouldn't try to deny the arranged friendship and that she would get used to having her personal bubble invaded and that she came bringing peace.
(Do not be concerned, she was promptly rescued.  We'll introduce cousin time a little more gradually in the summer...)

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  1. Chel I found you a caption! "Senior citizens team up with misguided youth to serve their community"