Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 One of the great things about hitting the jackpot for in laws is that they make phenomenal babysitters and being the Christians that they are, offered to babysit Liv overnight.  I didn't even say the polite, "Oh no, you don't have to do that" pseudo refusal.  I was so excited to be on a getaway with G.  It was just what we were needing.  We stayed at a fancy Hyatt hotel and ate spinich mushroom croissants and other delectable breakfast items while enjoying the beauty of having nothing to do but be together.  That morning we went to the temple mini Detroit (I was wondering if they would have everything smaller like muffin minis for breakfast, mini font, more names to do work for short people etc but worry not, it's all the same inside):
Followed by a delicious cuisine from  Ridley's bakery and deli for lunch with G's dad who met us from work (I realize father in laws typically aren't invited on romantic getaways but considering he is one of my favorite men on Earth and we were right by his work for lunch we made an exception):
 We then went and saw Hunger games, visited the male adult version of Chuck-e-cheese when we got G a new driver at Carls golf world, went shopping at a massive mall, and toTexas Roadhouse for dinner where I ordered all my favorites and gorged on rolls as usual:
It was so fun to be together.  I decided that couple getaways are not an option.  They are a necessity.  I've decided that to be successful in life you really only need to make 2 correct decisions.  One is to join the true church so your eternity is taken care of, and the other is to marry the right person so that you love your eternity.  
 I'm 2 for 2 on the most important decisions of my existence. I'm pretty dang happy about it.

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