Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer cuisine...

I love season changes. Love. I feel like when the weather changes, everything changes.  It always feels good the first time you can pull out all your summer wardrobe and greet your capris and shorts like an old friend you just saw at your 10 year class reunion.  It's always a ceremonial goodbye to say goodbye to my favorite coat and all the winter cartigans.  I feel like my winter brain is much more sluggish and frozen (much more gray matter if you will).  I feel like my spring brain has turned on and I love the green, the flowers, the rain, and planning vacations.  Winter brain only has to focus on what to get everyone for Christmas and how to avoid scraping the windshield.  The other aspect of season changing I have fully appreciated this week is food consumption. Let's be honest, apple cider is not that delicious. It's just hot apple juice. Big deal. I love spring/summer food.  A couple of days ago G and I cut a canteloupe in half and then filled the hole with vanilla ice cream. Divine. For mothers day G had a big bowl of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries just to eat and my tastebuds tingled and marveled.
Liv's favorite food is blueberries.  The best is that she has blue poo after eating them. I didn't tell G how many blueberries she ate and when he changed her diaper when he got home for work he was extremely concerned about what medical condition might cause her to have oompa loompa blue poo. I didn't tell him for a long time. I just let his Doctor brain run wild with all the possibilities....
We ate peach syrup on our waffles on Saturday morning. Delectable. We had our first watermelon last week but it was sadly a disappointment.  Picking a watermelon is way too much grocery store pressure for me because a watermelon is fruit commitment. If you pick a blah watermelon, you have a good 6 pounds of blah tastes like red juicy cardboard that you feel guilty throwing away but no one really likes.  I think we will try again and perhaps use the melon to help Liv get her two top teeth that are teasing us at present.  Maybe she just needs one of these:
I would just like to extend a warm welcome to summer food, blah watermelon and all. I am so excited for summer.  If you haven't had canteloupe and ice cream yet, make sure to go get a pen right now and jot it down on your grocery list. You won't be sorry you did.
 Boy I am sorry for wasting your brain and time putting that joke down.  I heard it in 7th grade choir class and I haven't forgotten it except for the girl telling me the joke had a honeydew who responded "honeydew" after the cantaloupe refused his proposal.  It's so weird what my brain retains in its 7th grade file. I just remember having a sweet mickey mouse shirt and a braided leather belt, wearing my headgear at night, having a crush on Robbie Blake, and owning my first Caribbean Breeze scented Teen Spirit Deodorant. I hope I never have to go back to 7th grade.  To compensate I will end with a worthwhile thought from our friend Elder Holland:

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