Sunday, May 20, 2012

In the drivers seat...

Garrett and I home teach an amazing woman named Mary Nead who is 95 or something like that and lives at the nursing home near our home.  For some reason she always remembers Liv but never remembers Garret and I so we have to bring Liv so she doesn't think we are strangers. At first I didn't really like to go because being in the nursing home just made me so sad, not to mention smelled really weird and only intensified my phobia of growing old.  A few months ago Liv and I stopped by and learned that she loves the sound of music.  I don't know why, but realizing that she too shares the love of Edelweiss and singing "You are 16 going on 17" sealed the deal and now we love going.  Liv and I always act out some top scenes and she sings with us on all the classics including, "favorite things".  When we have our official hometeaching appointment G is always a hit.   It's quite the trio companionship. On the way home awhile ago G let Liv sit with him and touch the steering wheel on the country road where we turned into the house and now all she wants to do is drive. She loves it.
You can't miss the sheer delight on her face. Few things make her as excited as sitting in the drivers seat.
She's 15 years too early to be loving it so much. In 15 years I will probably take her to a cemetery to practice just like my mom took me since everyone is already dead anyway so you can't do any damage while you learn. Until then, she'll just have to settle for sitting in the seat in a stationary car.

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