Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bowling Bonanza..

When you think of places to go with 4 children under 4, bowling would be in the bottom 1 percentile. However, due to our limited recreational resources, our free coupons and the fact that it held the possibility for cheap laughs, we attempted an afternoon bowl at the "Mountaineer".   It was everything we hoped it would be, and more.
I think Elliot's face describes his feelings about his first exposure to the world of bowling.  We played "musical babies" and the competition between the two doctors was intense...

 But in the end, G defended our family honor and won by a single point...

We probably will not be going back but it was one of those, "once is fun, twice would be way too much" things.
 We  went back to their place and ate "grown up" grilled cheese sandwiches with red peppers, ham, and fancy uptown cheese that had little flecks of dill that made me feel like I should have a gucci purse and little dog with painted toenails, brazilian Tucanos limeade, customized fruit salad and homeade chocolate molten lava cake.  I feel like the Doggets should have a bow on because they really are a present, specially gift wrapped from heaven to be able to survive this year.  Everyone needs the Doggets in their life.  I never want them to move.  Correction: I want us both to move, but to the same place.  They are the kind of people that you never say, "oh yea, you remind me of Tara and Casey" because there is no one like them or even close to them.  I feel like Tara deserves mothers day every day because she is my example and hero.  We're so dang lucky that in moving to the middle of nowhere we happened to move across the street from one of the greatest families alive.  We are so blessed.

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